Easy Gel No. E007

UV/LED One Step Gel Polish

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This revolutionary single-coat Paloma Easy Gel formula is a groundbreaking innovation in nail care. No more fuss with base or topcoat - you just apply a single coat like regular nail polish, but maintain the lasting strength of gel. One simple swipe gives you salon-quality results, making it a dream for both beginners and nail art veterans. Our formulation ensures a resilient, chip-free experience, high-gloss look we all adore, maintaining just-done look for weeks.

Embrace this unique fusion of convenience and luxury, and step into the future of nail beauty. Stay ahead with the trendsetters in the nail polish industry. Transform your nails with just one coat, and shine on!

Acrylate oligomers, 2-Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate, UV Initiating Agent, Pigments.

Please note that the actual Easy Gel color may slightly vary from what you see on your screen due to device differences. We've made every effort to match the image to the original as closely as possible. Thank you for understanding!

1: Begin by shaping your nails with the Paloma Easy Pedi Nail file. Achieve your desired nail shape and smooth the surface with Paloma Nail Buffer.
2: Apply Paloma Dehydrator to the nail plate. This essential step ensures optimal adhesion of the gel. Skip this step only if you have very dry skin.
3: Apply Paloma gentle, acid-free Primer for sticky, smooth nails—like 2-sided tape for lasting gel pedicures.
4: Now, it's time for the Paloma Easy Gel. Apply a thin layer and let the gel dry under the LED lamp for just 1 minute. 
5: Once again, apply a thin layer of Easy Gel and let the gel dry under the LED lamp for just 1 minute. 

Ta-da! You're now the master of your at-home pedicure with Paloma Easy Gel. Creating fabulous nails has never been this fun and easy!

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