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Paloma Discovery Set: Dive into the world of Paloma with this specially curated introductory set designed for those who want to experience the exceptional quality of our core products firsthand. Ideal for newcomers or as a trial kit, this set includes a selection of our most essential items to help you achieve beautiful, professional-level nail art from the start.

Included in the Paloma Discovery Set:

  • Gel Polish: 2 colors (10 ml each) to start your Paloma color collection.
  • Easy Gel: 1 color (10 ml) for fast and healthy pedicure.
  • Base Clear: Choose from Rubber, Medium, or Strong (15 ml) for the perfect foundation.
  • Base Cover: 1 color (15 ml) for flawless color adhesion.
  • Top Shine: 1 unit (15 ml) to give your nails a dazzling finish.
  • Liquid Gel Cover: 1 color (15 ml) for enhancing nail strength and wear.
  • Builder Gel/Polygel: 1 color (30 g) for sculpting and extending nails.
  • Primer: (10 ml) acts like double-sided tape to prevent chipping and enhance longevity.
  • Dehydrator: (10 ml) ensures a clean, dry surface.

This set equips you with everything needed to begin your journey with Paloma, showcasing our commitment to quality and innovation in nail care.

Gel Polish (2 pcs.), Easy Gel, Base Clear , Base Cover, Top Shine, Liquid Gel Cover, Builder Gel/Polygel, Primer, Dehydrator.

Please note that the actual Paloma Gel product color may slightly vary from what you see on your screen due to device differences. We've made every effort to match the image to the original as closely as possible. Thank you for your understanding!

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